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The Greenwich Bay Watershed Group Program

The Greenwich Bay Watershed Group was founded by the late Leah Robinson as an environmental support organization to the Greenwich Bay Special Area Management Plan, Citizens Advisory Committee. Leah poured through the Greenwich Bay water quality data then available from the special area management documents. She found it necessary to propose additional volunteer monitoring of Greenwich Bay. Through her efforts, the Greenwich Bay Watershed Group received a New England Grassroots Environment Foundation grant to fund volunteer monitoring, working through the URI Watershed Watch organization of the University of Rhode Island.

When that happened, the URI Watershed Watch people suggested that our organization be the focal point for both saltwater and freshwater monitoring in the Greenwich Bay watershed. We have taken on this responsibility and now provide administrative support for the volunteer monitoring of aproxmitely 20 Watershed Watch sites in Warwick. This program is subsidized in part by The Narragansett Bay Estuary Program.

Noting that our program does not adequately provide baseline data for anticipated large-scale development in the watershed, we are requesting that the City of Warwick participate in the funding of four additional freshwater monitoring sites: one on Carpenters Brook close to its headwaters near the Green Airport; two on Tuscatucket Brook one being downstream from the airport and the other near the landfill; and a fourth site near the intersection of Division Street and Quaker Lane, in Warwick wetlands receiving runoff from the West Warwick Industrial Park. The Greenwich Bay Watershed Group will provide the in-the-field support for this volunteer monitoring. It is our belief that this program will lead to baseline data that the city can use to protect its environment.

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